Phlebotomy services based at Cirencester Hospital

Service changes in place from 27th July 2020 – GP referred patients will be required to make an appointment

In response to COVID-19 the department has recognised that it is becoming increasingly challenging to ensure that patients waiting for a blood test maintain social distancing. To ensure that the department can maintain the safety and distancing of patients and staff alike, we are making changes to the way that GP patients can be referred to use this service. As from 27th July 2020 any patient that has been referred by their GP to the Cirencester Hospital Phlebotomy department will be required to make an appointment. Not only will the new appointment system help in our response to COVID-19 but it will also improve the waiting times for GP patients being referred to this service.

To make an appointment for a blood test on or after 27th July 2020, please visit:

Additional Information Regarding Appointments

  • You can book an appointment for someone else if they are unable to make the appointment themselves.
  • If you cannot attend the appointment do not worry, you will be able to make another appointment.
  • Please do not attempt to contact the department by phone with appointment queries or to ask staff to make an appointment for you as staff will be busy seeing patients.
  • Digital copies of blood test request forms will not be accepted. You will need a physical copy of the blood request form provided by your GP.
  • Patients attending Cirencester Hospital for an Outpatients appointment, who have then been provided with a blood test request form, will not be required to make an appointment.
  • Patients aged from 6 – 11 years of age can be referred to this service or to Phlebotomy Outpatient services at Cheltenham General Hospital or Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.