Frailty Service

The South Cotswold Frailty Service works with people who are frail, or at risk of becoming frail, to make sure they feel safe and supported. By understanding peoples’ individual needs and priorities we work with them to develop plans to meet their identified health, emotional and social needs. The service works closely with your GP, hospital doctors and Community health care staff, such as district nurses, physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

What we do:

We support people to develop skills which enable them to live well with the conditions they have, maintain their level of independence and give them confidence in knowing what action to take, if their condition changes.

When a person has a health condition understanding it’s many aspects whilst learning how to live well can be complex. We help people navigate their way through the most appropriate health and community care services and to increase their understanding of their condition and symptoms.

Our team helps people, their family, friends and carers to access their local community and local health services to keep them independent and active with local communities.